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Who is OMM - French Enhancement Education?­


OMM - French Enhancement Education (OMMFEE) was created from the heart and soul of its Owners.  Monsieur Olivier GIRAUDO, a native Frenchman from the French Riviera (Gulf of Saint Tropez), and Madame Monica MITCHELL-GIRAUDO, a dedicated and passionate learner and teacher with near-native proficiency, are the creators and teachers of this French company based in South Charlotte.  Monsieur and Madame GIRAUDO, along with their bi-lingual daughter Marla, are the originators of OMMFEE.  


The idea of French enhancement education was conceived from the observation that French is a thriving language and culture in the Charlotte area and one that should be cultivated.  Therefore, OMMFEE’s primary focus is on developing and enriching abounding opportunities in an effort to increase one’s exposure and participation in the learning process.  People of all ages and levels can have access to personalized professional services provided by native and near-native French speakers, who are desirous to share their language and culture with like-minded individuals.  


OMMFEE’sinvestment and passion in offering quality instruction opportunities, is aimed at increasing exposure to developing strong language skills that will increase proficiency and assist in connecting more effectively with the French-speaking community of Charlotte and surrounding areas.




Having the combined experiences of being a native speaker growing up in the South of France, and working in public education as a MS French Immersion teacher for more than a decade, Olivier and Monica GIRAUDO have deep respect and strong values for bi-lingual education. They created OMMFEE because of who they are personally and professionally, and their desire to increase exposure and personalized services to learners who have an invested interest in learning and enhancing their language skills.


OMMFEE understands firsthand, the many challenges that are found in public institutions and on-line servicing, therefore, they are passionate about offering their professional services in the spirit of providing intentional, considerate, patient and authentic teaching to those who are seeking individualized or small group instruction. OMMFEE specializes in the human connection, and is heartfelt about rendering services that are not only skillful and professional, but concentrated and attentive to individual needs.  OMMFEE considers teaching as a holistic experience, not one of sole academic aptitude

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