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A Shared Goal

A shared goal /

Promote and expand the presence and influence  of the French language and culture in Charlotte


It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the newly established official partnership between OMM and l’Alliance Française de Charlotte.

Our focus for many years, while applied in different ways, has been the same: facilitate the exposure to the French language and culture to our Charlottean friends through French based, entertaining events and programs.  


L’Alliance Française has a great presence and influence worldwide and a simple mission: to increase the appreciation for French culture and French language. Essentially focusing on adults' likings and interests, they have organized many wonderful events, gathering great amounts of people from all nationalities including French and Americans throughout the years. Bringing curiosity and fun to our hearts through the celebrations of French traditions, milestones, and commemorations dates, l’Alliance Française de Charlotte keeps on teaching its city about the culture, the language and the history behind traditions and celebrations. 


OMM’s foundations are based on the observations that the French language is at the center of interest and curiosity for many people living within Charlotte and its surrounding area. We believe we can help and fuel that desire for knowledge by providing the best support to help all individuals learn, in the most efficient, and entertaining way. Our well-built teaching programs are specifically designed to reach and suit the younger age group minds. We know that efficiency and best outcomes result from enjoyable and captivating learning experience. From Kindergarten to teenage years, we teach and improve on your children’s foundations and skills in the French language, as they engage in our delightful lessons. 


Through this partnership, we aim to help expand the always growing, fun and entertaining experience of the French culture and language in Charlotte and even further. From monthly, French based cultural events to professional extended educational services, we are looking forward to bringing you in, in our cultural adventure based on the most essential value of all: Life is short - Have fun with it while you’re at it!


Life is short - Have fun with it while you’re at it!

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