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Des Livres & Delices - Partnership

A Shared Goal

We are proud and excited to announce our newly established partnership with “Des Livres et Delices”, a Raleigh based company, specialized in offering French literature and food to their customers, in Raleigh and online.

Des Livres et Delices was born from the owner’s passion for their native’s country Literature and gourmet food. Together, Laurence and Philippe work on making these areas of interest accessible to all by providing a wide range of products, suiting to all needs. The library offers books for the youngest ones (as early as 3 years) all the way to adulthood, without forgetting French learning methods as well. 

OMM and Des Livres et Delices share a common goal: offer exposure and access to the French language and culture to our US community. Whether near or far, we bring you the tools that will help you learn and grow in the French language and culture. 

We are so grateful for Des Livres et Delices to work together with us on this journey and look forward to a productive and enriching collaboration, resulting in an increased and diversified exposure of the French language and culture to our community.

As a kind gesture, Des Livres et Delices offers a 10%* discount for all OMM customers, on all French books, literature, and methods* from their Library section.  

Go to their website and simply use the code “OMM” at checkout to benefit from this offer today!

*(excluding sales and promotions) 

Des Livres et Delices Website

Des Livres et Delices eMail

Des Livres et Delices Address

 2003 A, Fairview Rd
Raleigh, NC 27608

Des Livres et Delices Phone

 (919) 520-4290
(984) 302-5893

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