Grow & Develop!

Programs for TEENS & YOUTH

As your child grows, so does the way they learn.

Our curriculums evolve to include more dialogue and interaction, allowing our students to feel at ease and grow their confidence as they strengthen their skills and keep on expanding their knowledge. 


We know life gets busy and can take some unexpected turns sometimes. When it does, OMM is ready to help you and make it easy for you.  


Our online classes are available and accessible from your home or anywhere you may be, and  offer a high quality level of education in a safe, entertaining and professional environment. Our curriculums are built to ensure our students are engaged and involved in their learning at the same level as they would be in class. 


Your child’s French education is one thing you will not need to worry about in the midst of change!


Age groups: 9-21

From $35 - $55

Whether your teen is new at learning French or simply wants to improve on their skills, they are in for a great time! Our experienced, skilled French native tutors will work with your child to create a personally tailored lesson plan, setting them up for success.


This one-on-one setting is available online or in-home and is the most efficient way to learn quick and fast. Your student can expect to improve their skills, increase their grades, and most importantly grow confident in speaking the language.


Weekly FRENCH Support 

Age groups: 9-21

From $45 - $50

An easy and flexible way for your child to get support and guidance on their School work and assignments, in a very accessible manner. 


Our team of teachers are available every week to give your student an extra hand when they need it and help them break the roadblocks to speed up their learning and success. Weekly French Support is the perfect solution for those of who are looking for spontaneous help rather than a period defined tutoring class. 


Come one time or on a regular basis for a while, our many sessions options solution bring a solution to all needs. 


Back to School

Age groups: 9-21

From $45 - $50

The perfect solution for all our students that are looking to benefit from the School Breaks to refresh the French skills acquired during the past school year, or semester. We are on every time the school is off!


This program is specially built and adapted from the standard teaching and curriculum followed during the school year. Through dialogues and exercises, we will review the grammatical and conversational essentials, helping you refresh and improve on your existing skills and speech confidence while having fun!​


French Grammar Workshop

Age groups: 9-21

From $35 - $45

Grammar is an essential foundation of the French language. Our students become confident in speaking French and conversing as they attend this program, where our team of teachers simplify the concept behind the rules, helping to assimilate them in an easier way, and allowing the learning of the French language to become easy!


Through exercises, dialogues and entertaining interactions, your child will become skillful in the language foundations and confident in speaking!


French Cultural Event

Age groups: 9-21

From $35 - $40

This program simultaneously offers an introduction to the French language and the French culture. 


Our students quickly assimilate the French language basic skills as they discover and explore the country’s cultural and traditional events. These entertaining and  engaging sessions generate a growing interest in our students' minds as their knowledge expands.


A new theme is explored every month so there’s always more to learn!


French Camps

Age groups: 9-21

From $180 - $270

What better way to expand your child’s horizon than with a full week dedicated to travel and discovery while learning French?. Your teens and youth remain entertained and educated during the School Break with our mind-engaging French Camps.


Our team of experienced teachers combine learning with exploration, and have built programs accessible to all levels, from beginners to experts. Our students will learn French while being engaged through activities including games, dialogues and conversations and will be delighted to  grow confident in speaking French.


Fun Friday a la Francaise

Age groups: 9-21

From $25 - $30

Welcoming all participants wanting to join our group of French learners practice and improve on their speaking skills as they have fun together conversing as a group.


With this program your teens and youth have the opportunity to enjoy their Friday evening having fun and learning French as they converse together, while being guided and supported by a native French teacher who will ensure that everybody’s entertained while learning French!

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