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Have FUN While you Learn!


Playful interaction and entertainment are an essential part of the learning process 

Our age adapted entertaining teaching programs help our little students’ great sense of curiosity be their best ally in learning French in the most efficient and fun way.

* ONLINE For YOUR Little Learners *

We know life gets busy and can take some unexpected turns sometimes. When it does, OMM is ready to help you and make it easy for you.  


Our online classes are available and accessible from your home or anywhere you may be, and  offer a high quality level of education in a safe, entertaining and professional environment. Our curriculums are built to ensure our students are engaged and involved in their learning at the same level as they would be in class. 


Your child’s French education is one thing you will not need to worry about in the midst of change!


Age groups: 5-8

From $35 - $55

Your child will benefit from a tailored lesson program allowing for a quick assimilation of the foundations of the French language.


Our teachers engage their little learners through the activation of all the sensory senses. Through entertaining activities, games, interactions and dialogues, your child will grow comfortable and  confident as they learn to speak French.


French Cultural Event 

Age groups: 5-8

From $35 - $40

This program offers an introduction to the French language and the French culture at the same time.


Our little students learn French and so much more while their curious minds get engaged through our many activities, including songs, arts and crafts. Every month has a new theme so there’s always more to learn!


French Camps

Age groups: 6-8

From $180 - $270

Keep your child entertained and educated during the School Break with our entertaining, mind-engaging French Camps.


Our team of experienced French teachers combine learning with discovery, and have built programs accessible to all levels, from beginners to experts. Your little student will learn French while being engaged through activities including songs, arts and crafts and will be delighted to  grow confident in speaking French.

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