OMM - French Enhancement Education (OMMFEE) strives to create an authentic, inviting, entertaining, and goal-driven environment, where non-native learners can feel comfortable learning about the French language and culture.  Our primary focus is enhancement education, and we work with all children, teens and youth from Kindergarten into adulthood.

We are passionate about providing opportunities for learners of Charlotte and afar to expand upon their established foundation in French, as well as sparkling an interest and curiosity for growth in our new beginners. Our education-driven philosophy is one that honors the commitment and investment of time and energy dedicated to our students, and makes learning the French language and culture a holistic, rewarding experience. 

OMMFEE is forthright in non-discrimination. We are inspired by people of all types, and gladly welcome all into our learning environment. A regard to equality is of utmost value and respect at OMMFEE, therefore those of various race, gender, religion, sexual identity, national and ethnic origin, disability or any other reason are encouraged to join our welcoming environment.

OMMFEE promotes a learning environment that is free from harassment of any kind, involving any and all programs including, but not limited to activities, policies on admission and educational goals, employment practices and anything else that involves OMMFEE’s integrity for the learning process. OMMFEE is intentional about providing enhanced education of the French language and culture, and considers consistent exposure to the language, a key component to having a marketable proficiency.

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