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Every parent’s life took an unexpected turn when schools unexpectedly shut down and all students were confined to their homes. From one day to the other, you took on a new hat, a teacher’s hat, and added homeschooling to your to-do list. Kudos for your hard work! 

We believe that Summer Camps are always a very important part of the School Break, but it couldn’t be more true this year. 


Our team of French native teachers is prepared to get your child ready, ready  for the new school year through entertainment and education. From beginners looking for a fun introduction to the language to intermediate and advanced students, seeking to practice annd their knowledge during summer break, our programs have your needs covered.


Combining learning with discovery, and staying tuned to the Summer activities, our well- thought programs will ensure that your child’s French competencies are refreshed, strengthened and expanded through many means: From arts and crafts for the youngest to Space and Geography themed sessioned for the older, each activity is age-based.

* ONLINE French Summer Camps *

We're all facing new challenges every single day; staying healthy and safe, keeping children educated, entertained, and calm while also navigating a "new normal" in our every day lives.

OMM french enhancement education is  acing those new challenges with you.

This summer we are  also offering online camps as well as french online sessions, as our goal is to ensure a safe, fun and cultural learning for our youth.

Session Details

* On-Site Location *  CANCELLED

Our students will be working within all areas of the language assimilation. Every 2 hour session will include exercises and practice centered around the learning pillars: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 


All guidance and support are based on the teaching standards students experience in the classroom throughout the school year. We know the best way to assimilate a language is through practice and repetition, therefore you can expect a lot of conversations at each session!

* Online Location *

We want to extend our teaching to you, whether you are at home or anywhere else in the world. Our  curriculum is specially adapted to the use of technology as the essential tool to connect with your child and help them refresh their skills of the French language,based on the main pillars of language assimilation: reading, writing, speaking and listening.  


Our team will be providing the same guidance and support students actually experience in the classroom throughout the school year, with matching quality, on our online platform. 

We know the best way to assimilate a language is through practice and repetition, therefore you can expect a lot of conversations at each session!

Discovering FRANCE

Age groups: 5-17

From $180 - $270

Planes may be stranded and flights cancelled but don’t worry! 

We will make sure that Discovery stays on your agenda this summer and are excited to have you join us on our trip to France, where we will uncover and learn about its most beautiful, exciting and mysterious cities through this summer camp. 

Learn and improve on your French skills as we embark for a new destination filled with fun, enriching activities and great conversations every day. 


Cities visited : St Malo. Bordeaux. Strasbourg, Marseille/Nice

  • Discovering FRANCE - 5 Day ONLINE Camp
    Mon, Jul 27
    Jul 27, 2020, 10:00 AM – Jul 31, 2020, 12:00 PM
    Registration is now open from ages 5 - 17!

My SUMMER Adventures

Age groups: 5-10

From $180 - $270

Summer Fun Activities are (stil)l on!

Get ready for a week of entertainment and excitement as we explore the fun themes that  we all so enjoy in the summer. From the zoo to the circus, every day will be a new, learning experience! With the support of crafts, games and fun talks, we will learn the French language by exploring a new summer activity daily.


Themes explored: Zoo, Parc, Circus, Beach, Museum

  • My SUMMER Adventures - 5 Day ONLINE Camp
    Mon, Jul 20
    Jul 20, 2020, 10:00 AM – Jul 24, 2020, 12:00 PM
    Registration is now open from ages 5 - 10!

Let's GET to SPACE

Age groups: 8-14

From $180 - $270

Ready to embark for an Out of World experience?

Embark on our space journey, where our team of teachers have taken on the mission to expand your French knowledge as we explore the wonders of the universe. This week’s exciting program is based on the space topics and objects found at Kennedy’s Space Center’s, FL. Look forward to a great adventure, where you can strengthen your French skills and expand your vocabulary as you simultaneously learn about rockets, constellations and even aliens!


Themes explored: Spaceships, Universe, Star constellations, Aliens

  • Let's Get To SPACE - 5 Day ONLINE Camp
    Mon, Aug 03
    Aug 03, 2020, 10:00 AM – Aug 07, 2020, 12:00 PM
    Registration is now open from ages 8 - 14!
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