Meet Our Team



Team Leader / French Native Teacher

I am from France. I was born and raised in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast. I moved to Charlotte with my family 6 years ago.

Coming from another country, I believe that the knowledge of another language and its culture are tremendousfundamentals for the development of our children and skills that will open many doors.

From my 20 years of teaching experience in France, I naturally decided to continue my passion and teach children and adults the french language. Each session is a new interaction experience both human and cultural that help personal growth and blossom. I've been working with children for 5 years with different programs and schools, but also with L'Alliance Francaise for adult classes.

Now, with about five-year experiences in teaching french, I would like to add more value to OMM and help OMM kids make friends with ‘French’.



French Native Teacher

My name is Anne and I am a mother of 3 boys. Over a year ago I was living with my family in Normandy (north west of France), working  for a major French bank in Paris. Following a job opportunity for my husband, we moved to Charlotte in September of 2019.


This life change is for me the opportunity to maximize my experience as a trainer and a group leader and use my skills within an activity more in line with my desires : to share, exchange and pass on  the knowledge. Being a part in making your children more confident, helping them to grow by sharing my French experience is for me a great satisfaction.

Dynamic and cheerful, I am very happy to give to your children the desire and the joy of learning to speak French.

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French Native Teacher

My name is Marie-Sophie. I was born and raised in the South West of France in Toulouse, the “Pink City” known for the foie gras, the cassoulet and the rugby. I moved to Paris where I finished my studies and started to teach in middle and high private schools. I moved to San Francisco in 2006 where I taught in private elementary, middle and high school. We finally moved to Charlotte at the end of 2019.

I used to be a history and geography teacher and I continued to teach these topics in San Francisco. After fews years, I became a French teacher. I enjoyed all these opportunities. I am especially interested in teaching the French language and its culture. My French background in literature, history, geography allow me to teach more than the language alone. I have a master degree in history, and a diploma “superior” in French Literature from La Sorbonne University. With my many years of teaching experience from several schools and different countries, I have had a broad exposure to different types and levels of students. I’ve enjoyed the diversity and the challenges in motivating them.



Program Leader / French Native Teacher

Teaching is a passion of mine, and I am thrilled to share my Native Language and Culture.

As a preschool’s teacher I have a lot of experience with kids, and teach French since I arrived in United States.


Enthusiastic, creative and energic I keep kids interested. I work hard to ensure they are mentally and emotionally prepared for moving forward to upper level.

I am also very patient with kids and work a lot with them to increase their confidence. For me, this is the key of success in education.


My studies was based on psychology and communication, and I am certified in FSL : French for Second Language.


We create activities and courses that are designed to be fun while teaching children valuable skills.



French Native Teacher

My name is Charlotte and I was born and raised in the Normandy region, known for its cheeses, the D-day WWII beaches, its rainy weather and famous writers such as Gustave Flaubert or Guy de Maupassant. I completed my undergrade in the Bordeaux region, known for its wines!

Prior to arriving in Charlotte  in 2010, I have lived  and worked in many countries such as France, Switzerland, Hungary , Poland and finally the United States. I am therefore very familiar with foreign languages, foreign cultures and how complex it can be to learn them.  I also hold two MBA’s, one from Kedge Bordeaux Business School in France and one from Syracuse University.

I have a strong passion for my mother tongue,  and I have taught and tutored French as a foreign language over the last 10 years to many students. I specifically enjoy working with teens and young adults, because they are fun, passionate and knowledgeable. As I get to know you, I tend to adapt my toolbox to themes that you will enjoy. Leaning a language must be fun and memorable!

I have been recognized with a strong command of French grammar and syntax, precise and rich vocabulary and I love to share my culture, being literature, music, movies. I would love for you  to come and join us on this discovery!




I was borned and raised in France and as the years passed, my journey took me many places. I have worked and lived in many countries, including Scotland, Mexico and Denmark before we moved to the US in 2016. 


Growing up on a small island on the West coast of France, and having both my parents being teachers, I have been immersed and surrounded by the teaching world since being a child. 


My background and journey have provided me with the opportunity to learn to speak another 3 languages than  my own and a skill to easily adapt to every new country and culture I live in.


Today, I share the same passion as the rest of the team: provide children with the opportunity to learn and be exposed to a foreign language, a foreign culture and open their minds to learn so much more.




I grew up in the beautiful town of St Maxime, in the South of France and moved to Paris as a young adult. There I met my wife Monica, a skilled near-native French teacher at Penn State University, on the beautiful set of the Champ-Elysees. Together, we have a bi-lingual daughter, Marla. 

We moved to the States in 2002 and established our family in Charlotte in 2005. Here, we saw an opportunity to share our love and passion for the French language and culture with our community by creating a professional educational company: OMM was born. 

Today I am pleased and excited to see the growth of the company in the team it has become. We are privileged to get the opportunity to share our passion, love and interest for the French language and country with more and more students and families and we enjoy every minute of it